Thursday, August 21, 2008

Your top performers deserve ...ATTENTION

Manage your top performers

Your star performers may be a little more demanding than your average performers. They tend to leave companies if they feel they're not getting enough attention.

Factor these points in:
  • Give your top performers some leeway. Avoid micromanaging and give them the room to do their best.
  • Get their input often. If you don't seek their ideas, they'll stop giving them to you.
  • Reward excellent performance with extra perks. However, be modest and be careful not to create an atmosphere of resentment with massive bonuses, for example.
  • Point out where they need to improve; you want to encourage even your best performers to strive harder.
  • Praise top performers when they excel. Don't assume that they know they're doing a good job.


Kenneth Manuel said...

i like this arcticle you've posted.
it is telling about the " behind the scenes " in a company. thanks for your help brother, and keep up in posting interesting article like this one.

-incoming architect kenneth

Baron's Life said...

Thanks Ken