Friday, June 27, 2008

ARE YOU IN SALES ---- Closing Sales

Are you in say.....!!! read on

  • A Direct Close - Simply ask for the order when you are sure your prospect is ready.

  • A Deal/Concession Close - Using this closing technique gives the prospect the feeling that they are making a smart choice, getting more value and saving money. . Use it with phrases like: "Order today and I can add this extra feature for only 10 percent more."

  • A Time-Driven Close - This one works well with statements like: "Prices are going up next Wednesday, so you should go ahead a let me process your order today."

  • Trial Offer - You can let the prospect use the product at no risk for a trial period. They aren't likely to want to give it back if it has saved them time and effort during the trial period. If, on the flop side, they haven't had the experience you told them they would with the product, then you probably won't get another chance.

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