Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things the media didn't cover - MESA AZ

At the Mesa AZ protest against President Obama, KFYI listeners brought signs telling Santa Obama what they wanted from the savior-based economy. Hats off to KFYI's Bruce Jacobs and J.D. Hayworth.


Donnie Smith said...

I guess I better get busy on my sign...

"Joker" said...

I don't need a sign. That's how "mooning" was invented.

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

I need more press trips!!!! (and can I take my family along?).
Know what, I dreamt of Obama last night. Don't ask why. I dreamt that he was in an "impromtu" rally in Brookly, NY and his hair is bleached blonde and he was smoking cigarettes! And in my dream, I have a HUGE crush on him. I have a warped mind!

A Lady's Life said...

The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess lol


Voegtli said...

Ok, we are having the crisis. And, of course, it will be bad for many people. But I think it is great that people still have a sense of humor.

And, still, I look at these sign boards as a message to the President that perhaps he cannot make miracles and play Father Christmas?

PS. I have not been around much the last few days. To answer your question about my speech in front of 800 people:

I have been working for the last ten years for SDC's (the Swiss USAID) humanitarian aid department.

Every year is the "Humanitarian Aid" day of the agency. It is attended by 800 (high level) people from various government agencies, public institutions (worldwide), Ambassadors and our Minister of Foreign Affairs, as the agency is part of the ministry.

There are different topics presented about the work of the agency, this among them, the Swiss aid in Sudan. In this contexr, I was asked to make a presentation about my work of 4 years in Darfur.

So, in the last few days, we were hassling to determine how I should say things so that they are politically correct. Which, naturally, for a government of a small country like mine is important. We are done and in a week from now I will wear a shirt and a tie.

I don't remember when I wore a shirt and a tie last time!

B.B. said...

I especially like the sign the girl is holding that says "I'll be paying your bills for the rest of my life"

Baron's Life said...

Donnie...You're funny man...Love your comment

Joker...You're the best Con Man...meaning "Confidence" I ever met ...even though we met in cyber space...Cheers man...truly enjoyed your last posts...some stories you ahd to tell.

Jen Laceda...more press trips with family tagging along...sure you can...Obama is paying for it...just write congress and ask Enjoyed your posts on Israel...excellent writing and great pics..

A Lady's Life...nothing ever changes...same shit...different day.

Peter, without a sense of humor..I might as well go shoot myself... Obama as Santa Claus...hahaha..he's already given the shop away...and some great great grand children will be paying for this
The Humanitarian thing is great and I am looking forward to seeing you in a shirt, tie and I presume a suit as well.

B.B. I think it has a lot of truth in it... I get upset every time I think of our children's future. My son plays soccer in the US and was offered a scholarship from West Point...,yes they do take a certain number of alliens from friendly countries, and I told him better not take's just too risky