Saturday, March 28, 2009

How to brake on a Motorcycle

Please take a moment and watch this video...I know most of us are very experienced riders and so on...but an occasional quick refresher never hurt anyone....also that site has other short videos on riding which could be interesting...especially if you have a young one learning to ride or a novice rider at home....enjoy the weekend everyone...!


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Baron's Life:

It never hurts to refresh your memory when it comes to brakes. Thanks for the reminder.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

GYMONR said...

Nice video…never can learn too much… I had my first OMG moment last Sunday while doing 70mph on a hwy and the truck in front of me stopped to make a turn (with no brake lights or turn signals) I have to admit I did a little smoking of the rear tire too. Ha-ha.
Big Al

"Joker" said...

Excellent video, and good of you to share it.

We did emergency stop drills like this in an advanced rider's course I took last year. One thing they didn't get to here (and it also takes some practice) is getting back down into 1st gear when you come to a stop. Most panic stops happen from speeds that have us up in 3rd gear or higher. It's important to downshift the bike while braking. I don't mean this as using the bike's transmission to help brake - there's no time for that in a panic stop. I mean as you are coming to a stop, pull the clutch in and tap down into 1st, just before you put your feet down.


After you stop, you many need to move again - quickly! You may either be in a bad spot, or maybe the thing that caused you to panic stop is going to do the same thing to someone behind you - and you may need to manuver out of their way...f-a-s-t!

It is true that emergency stopping takes practice, but what to do next is also very important. You must do a VERY FAST re-assessment of your situation on the road, 360 degrees. If you do have to move again quick, still being in a higher gear could cause you to stall, leaving you stuck right where you stopped - and possibly in danger.

Something to think about.

Baron's Life said...

Jack R. Thanks it sure never hurts to review...helps us stay alert
Gymonr...the situation you describe happens to me a lot in town, around corners...cagers just don't care are correct and thank you for reminding evryone that downshifting is always very important for exactly what you describe...I do it all the time

Nikos said...

I recall renting a scooter on some Greek island or another (I've been to so many you see) and receiving the words of wisdom from the renter not to touch the front brake! She was wrong of course and I'm amazed about the premise raised in the video that a rider would leave basic training without the understanding of use of the front brake.
Does ABS rule?