Friday, March 27, 2009

Luckiest Golf Shot Ever......


Anonymous said...

I still don't understand hitting a little white ball and chasing it all over creation.

Ride on,

Baron's Life said...

Ride on is right buddy...we riders are all the same.
I never understood the game but apparently it is said to be one of precision and accuracy and calculation... In my view, since it is one Bankers and politicians and so called business people like...I think it's a game of bullshit, treason, laundering and perhaps illusions...need I say more.
Cheers and keep well...enjoy your family over the weekend and if your ride, ride safely

"Joker" said...

I suck at golf, but I do enjoy it on the rare times I get to play. Who wouldn't want to make a shot like this just once?

Even though it can get frustrating when you're not very good at it, the key is to realize that since you're not getting paid to do it, who cares? The key to golf is the ambience of it. You absolutely need to be dressed right for the weather and have comfortable golf shoes. Some guys like to put a cooler of beer on the cart, but most places don't allow that and I think it's a little crass. If you're a drinker, a few nips or a hip flask is more subtle, and the way to go. A few good cigars is nice too. More than anything though, you want nice weather and to be with a group of your good friends - that's very important.

You get out there and enjoy the beauty of a nice course, and get a chance to leisurely spend 4 good hours at least bullshitting with your buddies. It's an amazing chance to catch up on things, bust each others balls about how good/bad you play, and maybe even a friendly wager or two. Of course, the best "hole" is the 19th, where you cap it all off with a good meal and some more booze with the boys.

Unless you're a pro or semi-pro, I think that's what golf's really all about. I'm far from a scratch golfer - but my beer tastes just as good as theirs does.

bikerted said...

Must be one of the few games where the better you get the less value for money you receive.

Voegtli said...

Lucky, beautiful, amazing and unbelievable.

brownlie said...

The ball must have been flicked by the fickle finger of fate.

Baron's Life said...


You are absolutetly correct, my brew is just as
YOur comments are good you golf?

brownlee...I'm begining to thin it was set up