Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Availability for your customers is essential, so they can reach you with questions, concerns or re-orders
Believe in yourself and your company, or find something else to sell.
Customers aren't always right, but if you want to keep them as your customers, find a way to make them right.
Deliver more than you promise
Education is for life. Never stop learning
Follow-up and follow through. Never leave a customer hanging.
Goals give you a reason to go to work everyday. When you reach your goals, set higher ones.
Humanize your selling strategy by learning everything you can about your customers.
I is the least important letter in selling
Join trade organizations and community groups that will help you both professionally and personally, such as Toast-masters, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary club or Junior achievement.
Know your competitors and their products as well as you know your own.
Listen to your customers or they'll start talking to someone else.
Maybe is the worst answer a customer can give. No is better than maybe. Find out what you can do to turn it into a yes.
Networking is among the most important skills a salesperson can develop. Someone you know knows someone you need to know.
Opportunities are everywhere. Keep your antennae up.
Price is not the only reason customers buy your product, but it is a good reason.
Quality can never be sacrificed if you want to keep your customers satisfied.
Relationships are precious: They take time to develop and are worth every minute you invest in them.
Service from a customer's point of view means: “Serve Us” Remember this if you want to stay in business for a long time.
Trust is central to doing business with anyone. Without it, you have another word that begins with T: Trouble.
Unlimited potential is possible whether you sell computers or candy. You are the only one who can limit your potential.
Volunteer: it's always good to give back. You'll probably find that you get more than you give, and there is no shortage of organizations that need your help.
Winning doesn't necessarily mean beating everyone else. A win-win situation is the best of both worlds.
X-Ray and cat-scan your customers so that you know everything about then – then you can serve them better.
You is a word your customers need to hear often, as in what can I do for you?
Zeal is a critical element in your presentations, service and life in general. Let your enthusiasm shine through!

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