Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Innocent until proven guilty.....

Innocent until proven guilty.....not a universally recognized or accepted concept....!!!

Traveling abroad....always use caution...beware of the laws governing the host country.

Never ever ass-u-me the legal system of the country you're visiting is the same or even close to the legal system of your own country.

Not one to press the panic button...but in some countries, you may not even have the right to legal representation, far less a trial in your own language.

While it'sTrue that the world's gotten smaller and the Iternet facilitates and speeds up information flow, you must always remember a few basic rules while traveling to foreign lands and destinations.

Some countries do not recognize:
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of the Press
Religious Freedom
Freedom of Association

Bon Voyage...Enjoy your trip and Stay safe

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