Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Stamps...a bit of humor

A Blonde goes to the Post Office to buy Stamps for her Christmas cards.
She says to the Clerk: " may I please have 50 Christmas stamps"
The Clerk replies: " What denomination"
The blonde says: God help us...has it come to this"
OK then: "Give 22 Catholics, 12 Presbyterians, 10 Lutheran and 6 Baptists"

Merry Christmas everyone...Enjoy the Holidays and be merry


Nikos said...

Disgraceful, what about Orthodox?

Canajun said...

Good one - already shared it!

Merry Christmas to you too Baron.

A Lady's Life said...

Ya! What about Orthodox!

Those Blondes! lol

WooleyBugger said...

Wait. No Methodists

Merry Christmas

Baron's Life said...

Nikos, you are so Could I forget about tends to overlook his/her own religion

Baron's Life said...


Glad you enjoyed and shared


Baron's Life said...

A Lady's Life
My apologies to you as well as Nikos for having neglected you guys

Baron's Life said...


That's because they are too