Thursday, December 15, 2011

Isle of Man - The oldest motorcycle racing circuit. Just Insane

Insane Motor Race - Isle of Man TT 
 For those of us who didn't know: The Isle of Mann TT was for many years the most prestigious motor-cycle race in the world.
Between 1907 and 2009 there have been 237 deaths during official practices or races on the Snaefell Mountain Course.
Snaefell Mountain Course or Mountain Course is a road-racing circuit used for the Isle of Man TT and Manx Grand Prix Races held in the Isle of Man from 1911 and 1923 respectively. The racing is held on public roads closed for racing by an Act of Tynwald (the parliament of the Isle of Man). It is the oldest motor-cycle racing circuit still in use. The official lap record for the Snaefell Mountain Course is 17 Minutes and 12.30 seconds at an average speed of 131.578 mph (211.754 km/h) set by John McGuinness during the 2009 Senior TT Race. 


A Lady's Life said...

oh boy that's fast for a motorcycle.
I enjoy just cruisin lol

Gary France said...

Can you imagine travelling that fast on a street circuit? Insane? Probably. Exciting? Certainly. Would I do it? Not a chance!

Lucky said...

I've heard it's a 100% fatal race. The ones who survive the event inevitably die of sexual exhaustion.

Canajun said...

To echo Gary, Would I do it? Not a chance. But do I wish I had the skills to be able to ride like that? Absolutely!

The Isle of Mann TT is one of my bucket list items (to spectate, not participate) and this post just reminded me to start looking into it.
Thanks for that.

Cat in the road said...

Let's face a fact of life...those of us crazy enough to love motorcycles are all a little bit "insane."
Good to see you back my friend. May you and yours have a "Happy' and 'Healthy' holiday season.

Baron's Life said...

A lady's Life
Thanks...let's go cruising some time soon

Baron's Life said...

Gary, is exciting and I also would not dare do it

Baron's Life said...

Could be fatal for some...but should be interesting to watch

Baron's Life said...

Canajun..It's on my to do list as well...that and a European trip on an URAL with a sidecar...dreams...dreams...dreams...

Baron's Life said...

Scribe 816
I think we're all a bit insane..Very best wishes to you and yours as well merry Christmas and a happy new year

GF said...

Yea, the TT is on my bucket list to see it and hopefully ride it on a non race day :-) Just watching it I get an adrenalin rush.

bikerted said...

Baron, not sure if Guy Martin's film 'Closer to the edge' has been releasde in Canada. This follows 3 racers during the TT. If you can see it, then do!

Here's a link to the official trailer.

Wishing you and the family a good 2012

Ted, Ian & Guzzisue said...


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