Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who said Girls can only ride Bitch...

Elena Myers - The First Female Motorcycle Racer to Win AMA Pro Racing

Elena Myers, born November 21, 1993 (1993-11-21)
in Mountain View, California.

Is the first female motorcycle racer to win a race in the 76 year history
of American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Pro Racing.

Myers won Race 1, Round 4 of the 2010 season of the AMA Supersport Championship at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California on 15 May 2010.

The AMA Supersport West series is limited to riders ages 16–21 riding
close to stock 600 cc (37 cu in) displacement sport bikes.

The race was supposed to be a duel between East Division points leader Cameron Beaubier and three time Western Division winner Joey Pascarella.Myers, riding a Suzuki GSX-R600, began in 8th position on the starting grid, and advanced to 5th place shortly after the start of the race.Myers' team took advantage of a red flag on lap seven, when Jake Gagne went off the track in turn 9, to make adjustments to the bike to improve traction, as Myers explained, "I got a pretty good start but my tire started going off a little bit on the fifth lap and it was kind of hard to stay with the guys up front, but we had the first red flag. I came in and we made a couple changes."

On lap ten, of 18 scheduled laps, Myers was in second place when the race was red flagged for the second time. She had been in first in lap 9, but was passed in lap 10. The red flag was caused by the new leader, Joey Pascarella of the LTD Racing Yamaha team, having a high side crash, at which time the race was called, securing first place for Myers, because officials determined lap 9 would be the final one of the race.
The race was not allowed to run the full 18 laps because cleaning up the track and restarting would have put the day's program too far behind schedule. Myers described interval between the first and second red flags by saying, "I got a good restart off the front row and made some moves. I felt like I was getting a little bit closer to the leader with about eight or nine laps to go. He ran a little wide and I took advantage of it to take the lead. I came around the next lap and the red flag was shown again.

After winning Race 1, she placed 5th in Race 2 at Infineon Raceway. With four rounds complete, six rounds remain in the 2010 season, and Myers has total of 92 points for the season, putting her in second place for the championship. Pascarella, with 137 points, is still in a strong first place.

Elena Myers


Roger said...

Fantastic, I love reading stories like this. She obviously knows how to ride a bike!

Baron's Life said...

Raftnn..obviously she does and boy does she have the looks or what...I wish I was younger...I mean much much younger...much younger..Cheers mate...and yes..I won't spread the word about Paradise on earth...My Eldest Son lives in QLD Australia...he decied things look better down under...but then again he's a scuba expert

mq01 said...

shes fabulous! and she's just up the road from me.. :)

ps, happy valentines day baron. its great to see you!

Bluekat said...

What an inspiring story - Awesome!
Congrats to Elena!

Baron's Life said...

she sure is fabulous, exciting and talented and a winner...
Hey good to see you as well. Sure as hell did miss you but I guess we all went through some rough times

Baron's Life said...

and she's so young.....

Cat in the road said...

So let me get this straight…a 17 yr/old girl won the AMA Supersport Championship and I’ve been riding for over 36 years. Hmmm
Baron, this article is making it harder for me to live in my world of denial.

Baron's Life said...

Scribe816...believe me same feeling here

A Lady's Life said...

Anything you can do I can do better
I can do anything better than you lol
Happy Valentines Day Baron


Baron's Life said...

and the very same to you my Lady...the sunshine of my eyes
Happy Valentine sweet Lady

BeemerGirl said...

See?? This is what us "girl" riders have been telling you all along!! Thanks for posting! :)


Baron's Life said...

and you are so right.
I am not sure why they call females the second gender when females actually control the world and beyond

BeemerGirl said...

You are an enlightened man! Kudos! LOL. But I do appreciate stories like these, as I wouldn't have seen this on my own.

:) -Lori

Baron's Life said...

Hi Lori,

Flaterry will get you everywhere..and thank you for your compliment. I am amazed at this 17 year old talent and I thought she needs to be told and honored.

Makes me feel so old and frail

Cheers Lori


Phivos Nicolaides said...

That's a good question!

Baron's Life said...

Thanks Phivos
have a great day. I really enjoy your blog
and yes it is a funny question

Trotter said...

Hi Baron! Fabulous!

Keen on modern art? Blogtrotter Two has it... Enjoy and have a great weekend. Hopefully sunny!!

Baron's Life said...

Thanks Trotter. Will be there soon

myonlyphoto said...

Wow she sounds cool!
I only ride my motorcycles in my dreams, lol, otherwise to scary for me. Anna :)

Wine in Thyme said...

Atta girl!

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