Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IZH Motorcycles.....

IZH Motorcycles are all 2-strokes and pretty much all 350cc.
These have been imported to the UK under the names Cossack, Neval and for a very short period Kalasnikov.

Tough modern emission standards in Europe have killed these bikes as far as new imports go.
Fairly easy to identify, the Izh Jupiter has 2 cylinders

and the Izh Planeta has only one,

there is also the Planeta Sport, with a high power (for Russia) single.


Melissa Russell said...

The tan one reminds me of the ones ridden in the Indian Jones Movie with Sean Connery, well kinda sort like those lol.

BBE said...

The styling of these bikes is very similar to that of classic French bikes. I wonder if they bought up old European designs, like many of the old Soviet Block car manufactures used to.


Anonymous said...

yet another make that I've never heard of.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

The engine is identical to a Jawa 350 as far as I can see.

Lance said...

I've seen a couple of these on John McClane's blog, and I've wondered where these were from - thanks Baron for the education!

Lance said...

I went to their website, and they do have some pretty cool looking bikes; as you have posted, all 2-cycle. They even have a cruiser which they call the "Yunker." I love translations of webpages, so here is what the website says makes this bike special:

"The motorcycle is oriented for the exploitation as the individual transport unit on the road with the improved covering."

I'm sure our English website translations sound funny too in the native tongue.

A Lady's Life said...

They must be very noisy buggers lol

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

I used to have a Voskhod 175 back in the eighties.

Still premixing 2-stroke oil when all the Japanese had developed automatic delivery systems.

I often woindered why it had a decompressor on the head, until a small amount of coke build-up gave me a lesson in pre-ignition. I've never heard an engine run so fast! Fuel turned off: no effect, Ignition off, obviously no effect. Aha! Decompressor!

It was as agricultural as a plough blade, but it was so simple to work on it was great. Pity the chrome finish wasn't up to much. Eventually the wheel rims rusted through!

Anonymous said...

I have just spent the winter rebuilding a 350 planeta with sidecar yes they are agricultural no they are not fast. Made In the Ishmash factory in Russia mine is Planeta 3 they have not changed much since the 60`s, although they now make a more jap looking model with watercooling disc brake and speedo and rev counter, quieter probably stops (bonus) but still only around 22bhp.the tan one shown is the planeta sport 350 they have one cylinder with single exhaust, planeta 3 has twin exhausts but only one cylinder, both premix 2 stroke. planeta 5 may be self lube someone will put me right on that point.

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