Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 Honda Transalp

My recent post on the Honda Transalp raised some interest from my readers, to whom I am always grateful, so I thought, I need to add some more information on this model.

The Transalp is a dual-sport motorcycle by Honda. Different models have been in production from 1987 to present. It is a polyvalent motorbike, with capabilities for both long road trips and limited off-road. It features a liquid-cooled, six-valve, four-stroke 52 degrees V-twin engine, and is closely related to the Africa Twin and Honda Bros 400

Our good friends Dave & Linda over at

travels with my motor bike have just completed a round trip from Turkey to Scotland on their Honda Translap and have posted an excellent account of their trip on their blog Dave & Linda . It is a most enjoyable read and I encourage you all to have a look at this blog as it will give you an idea of what riding in Europe can be all about....

Honda Transalp is popular especially in Europe and Japan. It has been used in several around the world adventures, such as The Tokyo to London Trip that was made from July to December 1994 by Australian bikers Walter Colebatch and James Mudie.


Dave said...

Hi Baron,

Thanks for the recomendation mate,I should have entitled that trip as 6 weeks without sleep lol.

If you ever come to Turkey the first beer and kebab is on me !!



Danny said...

I will have to check Dave's site out. I don't think they sell the Translap in America though. If they did I would look into one next time I go motorcycle shopping.

Dave said...

Hey Danny...You've hit on one of the automotive Worlds great conspiracies, there are many great cars and bikes that we enjoy in Europe that are not sold in America...strange is'nt it !!

The conspiracy goes that when the Japanese began building car/bike factories in Europe in the 70's not only were they given money in susadies in the normal job creation way, but also mega bucks for keeping a large percentage of their production out of America to help the ailing European brands, BMW,Jaguar,Mercedes all of whom were on their knees back then !!

I love a conspiracy..



A Lady's Life said...

That sure must be a bumpy ride to go all this distance on such a small bike.

GMG said...

Hi Baron! Probably too cool to drive that in the snow... ;)

Blogtrotter is showing some sights of the most northern capital city in the world. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Can ya get snow chains for it? LOL It looks like to small a bike to me to go any long distance...I guess when I think of long distance I think of those big Harley's

Dr.John said...

I enjoy reading about the adventures but you'll never see me on one of those machines.

Baron's Life said...

Cheers all and thanks for the visit and comments.