Sunday, March 8, 2009

Terry Fator the Ventriloquist

If you want to be entertained, take a few minutes to watch this guy. He's incredible.
This clip is from the Jerry Lewis telethon and is really something. If you watch this throughout, pay attention to Terry's mouth...that' s how good he is. You watch his mouth and there is no indication that he is the source of the various voices he has invented.

I'll bet he packs them in Vegas..


Voegtli said...

I always have loved cabaret and circus numbers and I don't mean horses running around in circles. I love, for instance, the artistry of Chinese circus.

I also love ventriloquists and have been watching them, for years, either life or on TV. On TV is actually better because you get the close ups. And, as in everything, over the years, things are getting better and artists improve their prestation. But this Terry really amazed me. I have never (well, now I have) seen a ventriloquist where you don't see his lips move, even a tiny little bit.

This was really gret.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Very cool, very talented. I enjoyed it so much, I watched more. Friends In Low Places from the America's Got Talent Finale was incredible.

Paradygmatyk said...

ciao ! Tuo blog e veramente - con moto volo - freitag...

Baron's Life said...

Sorry for late replie guys. I am in Las Vegas on business and will be back on Thursdahy. Just tired to make a few quick posts to keep my audience entertained.

I know what you mean, exactly. I have been to the Russian circus in Moscow and to the Chinese Circus in Beijing some years ago and have very fond memories of this.
Terry is truly one of a kind...Very Rare and Talented artist.

Mr. Motorcycle my man.. He really is very taleneted and Yes there is a lot of good talent out there in rural America...jut waiting to be discovered. God Bless.!

Freitag..Cia Bella Lei parla Italiano..? I thought you were from Poland. I am confused. Tanti Aueguri e graci tanto Cara.