Monday, March 2, 2009

Flight 1549 landing

It's amazing what computer graphic artists can create. Attached is re-creation of the US Air flight that made an emergency landing in the Hudson river , takeoff to touchdown, with ATC radio transmissions. This gives you a perspective of how quickly the US Air crew had to react to realize the outcome they experienced.


Anonymous said...

Hi baron,

Good video, watching the planes glide path over the water it look as though the pilot managed to create GROUND EFFECT, a phenomenom that pushes the wing up the closer it moves to the ground, it only works if speed and trajectory are correct,it has a cusion effect when done properly...great pilot !!



Baron's Life said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks man..Yeah this guy is a real aviation ace..not sure if you know, but he's had to get a second job to pay the bills because US airways had cut his salary back by 40% over the last 2 years. He's really a dedicated fellow who loves aviation. he was at the top of his graduating class in the air force. a brilliant and very kind soul.
You must have done some flying yourself, cause you seem to know about aerodynamics. Is this the case?

Voegtli said...

This was really amazing to see. And, as we all feel, a real miracle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Berge,

No,never had real flying lessons, My father was in the RAF, most weekends as a kid he would take me on the base when few people were about. Hard to believe in todays security paranoid World, but during the 60s and 70 I was playing with flight simulators and crawling around planes, during the cold war period if the Russians ever wanted to invade they should have done it between 5.30PM Friday untill 8.00AM Monday lol. Guess ı gust learned stuff that was never any use untill today lol...

Baron's Life said...

The hands of God guided the landing... It makes me believe in destiny...none of those on-board were destined to die that day...Call it Karma if you will
Cheers man and keep well and young at heart.

I hear ya and you're quite right on all counts. Sounds like you had a terrific childhood.
God Bless