Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Recent Snow Storm

Back in December 2008, we were dumped on with piles of snow and the storm continued into the first week of January. Here is roughly what it looked like in most parts of the lower mainland in British Columbia. These pictures are taken in North Delta. bobskoot was kind enough to post pictures of what it looked like on the streets and back alleys. These pictures will show you how it looked like in most residential areas in our neck of the woods.

Our neighbors' house across the street, as you can see hardly any room to maneuvre, let alone scooting or motorcycling..

Our backyard was full of snow...wanna shoot some hoops? forget it

The apple tree was covered with snow like it had never been before...anyone for frozen Cider?

The fence which my sweetheart wife of some 30 years built in her spare time was also not spared from the snow...

and now some pictures of the street at night...after hours of communal snow shovelling

Our Christmas tree in the window

Five hours of street cleaning efforts led to this....! We still had to walk up the hill to go get some milk and bread


B.B. said...

Beautiful pics, but I'm glad I don't live in the snow. :)

John McClane said...

I looke at your photos and I thought, how romantic! But then I remembered the cold and the wet that goes with snow, and how nasty it looks when it's a few days old and it's grey and slushy and mixed in with car droppings. Then I realised, I don't miss snow at all!

Baron's Life said...

B.B. I hear fun living in the snow, especially when it gets to be cold

John...My eldest son couldn't take it anymore and moved down to Australia to avoid the snow

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures

Unknown said...

snow is very beautiful as long as it belongs to someone else. I'm just so tired of shovelling and the aches that go with it


Z said...

Hey there Baron! Despite my intentions, I wasn't able to get over here to your blog until now. Got a few things keeping me busy.

Snow makes things so pretty -- if only we could be like children and just build snowmen and forts in it. :-)

Did you visit the DPS website? Are you getting any helpful information on photography there? For low light photos, I try to use a tripod and shoot at the lowest ISO instead of relying on the higher ISO settings (my camera in particular is very noisy). That's how I did my first blog-shot of 2009, for example. I need to experiment some more myself, but there are always many other things to do!

Thank you for your visits to Villigen. I really appreciate your taking the time to write. Have a lovely day!