Friday, October 17, 2008

My World

My World.
My world is full, the days are short
If I could wish, I would wish for time.
Life! Life! I would wish for Life!
To understand to breath it and then to exhale.
If I could live, till the day I die
Life would be splendid and very fine.
Life would be eternal, in the land of time.
Bursting with senses one is yet to feel.
Life is electric, like a lightning storm and yet,
One must never forget to taste, the salt of the earth
Rays of sunshine, rainbow through blue skies
With songs of birds and wind and sea
Mixed with smells of mint and green
In my world I could hug a bear, a lion, a dragon, a horse
Trust a gorilla’s caress on a child born of this fertile earth.
Allow the bees their nectar of life
And play with a spider on the tree of life
Orchards full of fruit and flowers
Oceans full of fish and lovers
Splashing the sweet gift of life everlasting,
Over waves and at each other.
Life ! Life ! All is Life!!
If I could, I would wish for time,
To live long, in this world of mine,
To make sure I could introduce,
To others, this great love on earth.
My World, so small and insignificant
So perfect and intelligent.
Balanced Mountains peaked in snow
Cool fresh breezes in valleys below.
Flush and pure exploding warmth
An oasis giving birth
To the new and to the old
One will never die in this world I know.
If I could live until I die
Fireworks from my heart would light the sky
Eternally, in a land of time, a world so full
It makes me smile.

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Anonymous said...

very good write. My world is very similar...