Monday, July 2, 2012

China manufacturing on free fall

Delivery men take a break on a street in Shanghai.

 China’s economy is cooling faster than previously thought, figures show, and some analysts say the government must further ease Asia’s economic engine, China, is experiencing a faster than expected economic slowdown with manufacturing hitting seven-month low in June.

Are we going to be faced with a total global depression?

Will we see something similar to the great depression of the 1930's...?

Are the world leaders really qualified to navigate us through these tumulteous economic times?


A Lady's Life said...

from what I am hearing we should stop buying from China as they are selling toxic goods.Best to make and sell made at home products. People should not buy into famous brand name items because they pay for the name not the product. Once the stores see they can't sell made in China products they will stop importing them. We should not depend on leaders for things which pertain to us. Each person must say no and this then tells politicians what the people want.

Nikos said...


Who knows where we are all heading.

Economics are one thing - senselss religion fired civil wars in the Middle East are something else!


Baron's Life said... are absolutely correct...who knows what the future holds for our children and grand children

Willy D said...

Stock up on ammo & whiskey, wait for the shit to hit the fan and try to survive. That’s about all we can do in a world full of corrupt gov-ments.

Nancy O. said...

I used to soak up all the information I could on politics, the CIA's nefarious goings on, the latest Pres of the U.S., foreign policies, environmental disasters, and then one day I just stopped. It's all going to go on forever!!!! The same old b.s. until we're all in our graves. I'm starting a new opinion blog on trivialities and it's going to be funny.

Weekend-Windup said...

Yes, looking at today's economic trend across World, it might leads to great depression again :(

Anonymous said...

Para 1: GREAT News! More people need to WAKE UP and stop buying CRAP from China! (Trouble is the guts of your 'made in canada' or made in Uk' comes from China!) Throw your TV out of the window and get a life without it!

Para2: It shouldn't be necessary - but if YOU and I don't do something positive it could well happen sooner than later. see para 4.

Para 3: Hope not - but if we keep both buying Chinese, and giving them our manufacturing, then YES!

Para 4: No! We need REAL, experienced people in positions of responsibility. We need people who can both lead and deliver. Above all we need to clean up the acts of parliaments!

Never mind Chinese delivery men and their breaks - we need a break from Chinese manufacturing, and from those idiots in the US and Europe who are allowing it/benefitting from it. Vet the imports; check the quality - and check it again§ It's ALL SHITE!

Lisa said...

All this economic issues just gives me more anxiety.

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