Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How fast can you guess the words

1- B O O _ S
2- _ _ N D O M
3- F _ _ k
4- P _ N _ S
5- P U _ S _

Answers below - Do not Cheat - Scroll down past the picture

1- B O O K S
2- R A N D O M
3- F O R K
4- P A N T S
5- P U L S E

You got all 5 wrong....didn't you ?

The picture features a Honda 2011 Goldwing...-...article to follow...it features a 2000 cc powerhouse...!


SFBakstad said...

I had a lot of fun reading your blog last night! Looking forward to following you! Those bikes remind me of when my hubby and I were in college (20+) years ago. He had a motorcyle (aka The Monster) and we went everywhere on that thing! The good ole days!

bikerted said...

Yeah you got me Baron. I got 4 wrong. My answers were

1) Booms
2) Random
3) Funk
4) Pints
5) Purse.

As if..... ;o)

Anonymous said...

Why is it all my answers just were too adult oriented. I don't get it LOL :) Oh wait, maybe I should consider the source ROFLMAO!!!

Zuzana said...

The only one I guessed right were pants. Instead of books I guessed boots and I guessed all the other ones wrong. And I bet you know exactly what I guessed them to be, hehe.;)

Canajun said...

Not a one ...

A Lady's Life said...

I got the first two.
But they were lucky guesses.:)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I did get the first one, the book was all about Boobs. :} I have such a dirty mind.

Dave and Deb said...

Both Dave and I have our minds in the gutter. I thought every dirty word you could put in the blanks. Then I laughed at the answer, showed the post to Dave and he thought of the same.
We are so bad:)

Belt Drive said...

I got two right - I had punks instead of pants, Condom instead of Random and I can't say what I had instead of Fork...LMAO

myonlyphoto said...

lol Baron, and I supposed to be a good girl, and I got them wroooooong, not just one, but all, lol. Anna :)