Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Harley Davidson Pandead 48

The Original 48

and now in is the new model

Features include:

* A rubber-mounted, fuel-injected 1,200cc Evolution V-twin
* A 5-speed transmission
* 16 inch black, laced steel wheels (chrome is optional), with chopped fenders
* A one-piece, 26 inch high solo classic seat
* A low profile handlebar equipped with under-mounted mirrors
* Key blacked-out components

The Forty-Eight is based on the running gear of the Sportster 1200, but with 16” balloon tires (both front and rear are 150-section!) and wider-mounted front forks to match.

The front mudguard is a shorty-style guard mounted on a fork brace, and the rear mudguard is cut-down too.

As standard the 48 is single-seat with a low height of 710mm, and the indicators also incorporate the rear brake lights like the Nightster.

The mirrors are mounted under the handlebars for a sleek look, and the engine, air filter cover, hand controls and indicator bodies are finished in black.

Paint options are black, orange or silver.


Anonymous said...

I like the older one a lot better. it looks more rugged to me :)

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I use lots of garlic and crosses made out of of Triumph forks to guard against...the Harley Pandead..

A Lady's Life said...

The old one looks gorgeous but the new one must be new and improved. whatever that means lol

Voegtli said...

It was beautiful when I was 5 years old and it is beautiful now that I am 67 years old. There a many motorbike brands that have "spirit". But no one can ever reach a Harley Davidson.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I'll take one of each please.

Gary France said...

Give me the old one any day. That is real class. The new one is good, but just look at the beauty of the old one.

bikerted said...

Just because the package may say 'new improved flavour' don't mean to say it is. Don't believe the hype, oldies have more syyle & class.

Anonymous said...

god rides a harley........but he's looking for an indian