Monday, May 10, 2010

Fuel-Cell Honda Cub Concept

If you have ever seen movies like i-Robot or The Minority Report, you may think this futuristic two-wheeler is a fancy Hollywood prop for one of Spielberg's sci-fi blockbusters
Honda Cub Concept is a fuel cell motorcycle created for urban transport in a fashion that Russ Lovegrove would refer to as organic essentialism. That means no deficiencies, no excesses - just a functional vehicle that's easy on the eye and good for the planet.
As Treehugger points out, Honda Cub is still just a concept created by Sam Jilbert for his Transportation Design course at Northumbria University
"I've based this concept around the Honda Cub, which has been around for decades and is still very popular on the continent with locals and tourists alike" he said. "The Cub is very practical but this concept takes it to a new level, with a provocative image and being environmentally responsible, the new Cub should appeal to young city professionals and the young trendy market in general


Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

I dunno what to say...even the Honda Cub would be embarrassed.
It does look like something my 5 year old niece would find "charming".

I'm glad there are motorcycles out here for all to admire...or not...but everyone deserves something that fits their idea of "perfect"...even if it don't fit mine.

Nice news worthy find...LOL I really did get a kick out of this information!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is with the big circle in it? This looks like a one of those matchbox cars LOL. Can you picture a big burly biker on this thing LOL