Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BRP Can-Am Spyder 3 wheeled Bike


Voegtli said...

Exactly a month ago, I made an accident with my car (my fault) and it needs to be repared. If it does not cost to much.

So, I was looking at motorbikes. Not fancy ones you like. More the scooter type. When I talked to my wife she would have none of it. "You will fall", she said.

Perhaps she will change her mind if I show her this video :-)

A Lady's Life said...

This is a great bike. Can I have one? lol
Welcome back Baron:)

Anonymous said...

Now that looks like something I could ride. :)

McGonagall said...

That machine could make a biker out of me - yum yum!

mq01 said...

ummm. hmmm. well, there is a place for this. 3 wheelers such as this, trikes, and sidecars are an option if ones health or physical limitations warrant. personally i will find a trike or sidecar gear when i cant 2 wheel anymore.

but, i disagree with this video's suggestion that this 3 wheeler is a happy medium between a mc and a convertible car. i have a convertible. totally different animal, open compartment vs closed compartment, imho.

ps, great to see you baron :)