Sunday, January 31, 2010

Triumph Bonneville

Manufacturer: Triumph Engineering Co Ltd
Also called 'Bonnie' Production 1959–1983 Predecessor
TR6 Trophy
Engine Four-stroke Parallel-twin
Power 46 bhp (34 kW) @ 6,500 rpm (T120)
Transmission 4-speed (later 5-speed)
Wheelbase 55.75 in (1416.1 mm)
Weight 395 lb (179 kg)
The original Triumph Bonneville was popular (particularly in its early years) for its performance compared to other available bikes. Although its motor was later enlarged to 750 cc, in the late 1970s and early 1980s sales abroad greatly suffered in competition with more modern Japanese motorbikes from Honda and other manufacturers. Domestically, however, the T140 remained the best-selling 750cc motorcycle against more sophisticated Japanese and Italian opposition , picking up the prestigious Motor Cycle News Machine Of The Year award in 1979.


Trotter said...

Hi Baron! Sorry for the absence, but this starting of the year has been even crazier than usual!

Great to read that everything is getting better with you!!
Amazing machine!!

Blogtrotter 2 is departing Miami by sea. Hope you like it and have a great week!!

Baron's Life said...

thanks've been a good and faithful friend all along

Lance said...

Baron, you know how I feel about this bike!

Baron's Life said...

Lance I sure do...BTW...have you done or are you doing a performance write up on your Bike

Webster World said...

Had one many tears ago. Wish I could have kept them all.