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Sturgis RALLY some frequently asked questions...

Q: How are the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally dates determined?

A: The first Rally, called the Black Hills Motor Classic, was held August 12-14, 1938. The first weekend in August was selected because it did not interfere with other established events held in surrounding communities such as Belle Fourche (rodeo) and Deadwood (Days of 76). Regional events were extremely important for social and economic reasons in the post depression Mid-west and as a good neighbour, Sturgis did not want to compete for those bodies and dollars. As the event grew the “official” dates grew. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the first full week of August, Monday through Sunday, when preceded by a full weekend. This means that if 1 August falls on a Sunday the event would begin on the 9th with a full weekend preceding it. If 1 August would to fall on a Friday then the events official dates would be 4th through the 10th, the Monday through Sunday following the first full weekend in August.

Q: Where can I get concert information and purchase tickets during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

Concerts during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are hosted by several private venues. See the Official Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Events Schedule for up to date concert information or contact the venues listed below. NOTE: It is not uncommon for bands to be booked late in the season and very close to the Rally.The Boneyard

Rockin’ the Rally/Glencoe

Q: How do I protect my motorcycle and belongings during the Rally?

A: DON’T BE A VICTIM Every year, motorcycles are stolen during the Rally. Expensive custom bikes are popular with thieves. An average of a quarter of a million dollars worth of motorcycles are stolen during each Rally. Some efforts can be taken to lower the risk of yours being stolen:
Be aware of where you park.
Avoid dark, poorly lit areas.
Pay attention to people standing around who seem to take particular interest in your bike.
Do not leave leathers, cameras, souvenirs, etc. on your bike.
Factory ignition switch locks are easily overcome by thieves. High-quality disc locks, wheel locks and heavy cable or chain locks are recommended in addition to factory installed devices. Inexpensive locks are generally of poorer quality and are easily broken or cut.
Determined thieves can steal any motorcycle, but common sense and taking these extra precautions will reduce your chances of being a victim.Have a safe Rally,

The Sturgis Police Department

Q: What do I need to know if I plan on getting married during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

A: You must go to the Register of Deeds Office located in the Meade County Courthouse at 1425 Sherman Street, Sturgis and obtain a marriage license. Both applicants must be present and show one form of identification (photo) each. There is no waiting period and same day marriages are legal. The marriage license is good for (20) days. You must locate and reserve your own Justice of the Peace or wedding official to perform the marriage ceremony. Below is an informal listing of private, legally licensed individuals that can perform marriage ceremonies. Meade County Courthouse 605-347-2360 Register of Deeds 605-347-2356 To be married in Sturgis (Meade County), you will need to obtain a marriage license from the Register of Deeds at the Meade County Courthouse, located at 1425 Sherman Street, one block south of Main Street, between 4th Street and 5th Street. To obtain a Marriage License, both the bride and groom must be present. A photo ID is required from both parties and you will need to have $40.00 in cash or Travelers' Checks. Credit cards and personal checks will not be accepted. There is no waiting period and no blood test is required. Same day marriages are legal. The license must be used within 20 days of issuance

.Wedding Officials

Brother Jon Swan, Sturgis 605-347-1926

Dale Jones and Dee Clark, Sturgis 605-347-3459

Joan Pillen, Sturgis 605-347-5579Jennifer Johns, Piedmont 605-381-6393

Jerry Dunn, Spearfish 605-641.3534

Bobbi Swenson-Bella, Rapid City 605-430-4858

Elizabeth Stone, Rapid City 605-722-2564Mary Maisey-Ireland, Rapid City 605-484-8464

Rev. John Roll, Rapid City 605-399-2543

Patann Cisar, Washington 509-665-9525

David Boyd, Missouri 816-805-8488


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