Saturday, April 4, 2009

La Shot du Jour....


subrosa said...

Love the second one although can't quite see me riding it around town :)

Lady R (Di) said...

OMG! The second reminds me of a Praying Mantis! Can't get my head around that! LOL!

Nikos said...

I go for the top one - looks like a sherman tank engine also used on Waco biplanes!

Ann said...

I love the first one...I must agree with LadyR, the second reminds me of a praying's a little creepy. :)

GMG said...

Hi Baron! I wonder how do they run them... Probably they're just to be seen... ;)
Lots of fun everytime I land here! Thanks!!

India 2008 has come to an end at Blogtrotter, but there is lots to see there, still in the BRIC countries… ;). Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Voegtli said...

Amazing. Just last night in the news they showed motorbikers who are on the road again as the weather is becoming "clement" in Switzerland.

I told my wife that it would be great to have a motorbike and do this trips. Across the mountain passes. She agrees. But I told her that I would be afraid. What if a tire busts? But then, it seems that they never bust tires?

Canajun said...

I'd love to hear the sound of that 7-cylinder radial. Not sure I'd like to ride it though. Just being wrapped around that engine and high tank looks uncomfortable as hell.
The second bike is just plain ugly. Can't imagine why anyone would build something that bizarre. It looks unfinished, like there should be a little seat between the headlight and front wheel. But different strokes I guess.

Lance said...

Baron, these are great! I especially like the John Deere one in your earlier post - that would make mowing fun!

A Lady's Life said...

OOOH yes tires do burst !!!
I saw one guy coming fast from behind my mirror and thought,
oh oh, this looks like trouble so I applied my brakes slowly to slow down the car. He passed me and then cut me off and right then his tire blew.
Had I not had my foot on the brake I think I would have gone over his head three times.
His bike went back and forth in front of my car hitting the cement wall of the highway and the sidewalk 3 times.
I stopped my car and watched him get up with a very pale face and look at me eye to eye but he looked ok.He brushed himself off and went to pick up his bike.
I was so upset with his behavior I drove off and my body shook for over an hour at the prospect of what I could have had as a memory in my head.
Some one was watching over the both of us that day. Me not to hit him and him to be taught a BIG lesson.I think he got it.

When I am on the highway doing long distance driving in the car I watch out for bikers. If I see a lone one, I follow him at a safe distance and when he changes lanes I block traffic behind him.I love when they behave. lol

Usually the bikers I dealt with appreciated the gesture. They kinda figured out what I was doing and would wave a thanks when we finally parted road strips.

This way I know I won't hit them and neither will any one else.

I will never forget that first encounter with a biker to the day I die.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Me no likey. Too weird for me.