Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is your privacy protected....?


"Joker" said...

What privacy???

McGonagall said...

I've known about this for some time and no longer have a cell 'phone. However, in Germany folks have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism for NOT carrying a cell 'phone???

Voegtli said...

Worrysome!? But then, as I am Big Brother's small brother, I guess there are many things known about me anyway. It doesn't matter, I have nothing to hide.

GMG said...

Hi Baron! Probably not; I use too many electronic gadgets, including credit cards and I buy at the Net... But I don't have time to get worried with that; too many worries already... ;))
Have a great weekend! I’m going to be busy at the Music Fest (Bach’s legacy… ;))

Canajun said...

Man, that's scary. I knew it was possible, just not that easy.

One more reason not to live with a cell phone glued to my ear.

Baron's Life said...

Joker...u r absolutely correct bud.! I only wish had your wisdom
scunnert...didn't know about the german connection on this one...will ask my jerry friends if true...then they should immigrate to Canada. we should can use them here to improve our lot.
Peter, you are evrybody's big brother for your wisdom and experience never fails to amaze me.
GMG, I do too and I don't worry about it at all...cheers and I look forward to your excellent postings
Canajun...I don't know how much of it is actually true...but for sure some of it is