Thursday, April 9, 2009

1946 matchless


subrosa said...

Ah Baron, 1946 was a good year, a very good vintage indeed.

I have people who stay with me some years and are part of the Scottish vintage motor cycle association and they had a Sunbeam 1929 Model 5 with them. Wonder what they'll bring this year.

A Lady's Life said...

As usual you are on the top of my list to see and this morning is no different. lol
I like this bike We had one similar except of course a modern version with a double back seat and all.
I like it particularly when It has a lot of chrome.
Thanks :)


Great lookin scoot for being 63 years old. Bet it's worth its weight it gold now. I really appreciate the folks who keep these classics in such great condition and I appreciate Baron's for letting the rest of us see them

Canajun said...

Love those big old singles. They had a sound like nothing on the road since. That's if you could hear them over the shrieking of the owner who just drove his knee into his chin when the thing kicked back when he was trying to kickstart it.

Keep 'em coming.

Nikos said...

very many bikes do you have Baron?

Baron's Life said...

Subrosa, The sunbeam 1929 model 5 is got to be a classic of all times. Thanks for mentioning it. Absolute delight
Thank you Lady's're a darling
John, it is always a pleasure to have you visit. Thanks
Canajun, Yeah these dynamo type of kick starts are difficult to master..but once you dfo they're a piece of cake to need to bring the kick start down to the point where it stops and then kick...
Nikos..hardly enough...I like to collect them, but them and resell them..Have been doing these since my Student days in Engineering...was a way to pay for college and the habit stayed with they say old habits die hard