Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The World's Cheapest Car about to make its debut


A Lady's Life said...

How much is cheap?
Is the engine glued together too? lol
Stick shift might be a little tricky with so little room inside.
I bet its a Fred Flinstone Car.lol
I guess its ok to hide from the rain in but I still prefer the wind blowing through my hair and feeling the freedom around me.
Its a great little car for campus life. Easy to park.Place to put your books.

Lady R (Di) said...

I saw two of these this last Saturday while the hubby and I were out riding. It really looks like a grown up Cozy Coop. Very small. I thought it was a toy. We passed one of them, and the two passengers just waved and laughed, so it must be fun!

Anonymous said...

My scooter goes almost this fast and uses the same amount of gas.

Unknown said...

It's hard to imagine what the world has become. Not long ago prestige and status meant you had to drive a Cadillac, or a large SUV. Now it's cool to drive a Aveo, Kia or Smartcar and thought of unkindly if you have something less fuel efficient, sort of a reverse status symbol. But as someone mentioned above, it's cooler to have the wind in your hair

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Anonymous said...

Well it is for sale in India and is a huge step up for them in terms of cars being accessed by the not so rich. It does not meet our emissions or safety standards so at least as of now not an option for us.
This is the company that bought Land Rover and Jaguar from Ford so you can buy some of their product offerings - they just aren't at the cheap end of the spectrum...

Baron's Life said...

A Lady's Life...It will sell in India for $ 2000..They will make a first run of 100,000 units and the buyers who sign up for it will have their names drawn in a lotery sorta thing and if the name cmes up, you can pay and get the car.

Lady Ridesalot...I think what you might have seen is the Mercedes Smart Car.. They are cute as you say but you ain't going to catch me in one of them death cages...safer on the Bike.

BWS... and a beautiful scooter you have.. I've seen the pic you posted...ride safely

Bobscoot...it'sall about the circle of life...evrything, including life goes in cycles... It will change again..ps: I happen to like the aveo..it kind of reminds me of the Fiat 500 (Cinque cento) not sure if you know what this is.

Dave you are absolutely right and apparently they are working on a European model to meet all the safety and environment standards...by the time they're done...you'd be better off driving a Beemer. (You know about the European lead free and safety stuff)

Lance said...

Ahhh, the Cinque Cento was such a cool looking car. How about the Subaru 360 or the BMW Isetta? Now those were small (and cool) cars!

Baron's Life said...

Lance...you know the stuff man...how about the CV2 Citroen 2 chevaux? how do you know the Cinque Cento? you are a learned man my friend

Voegtli said...

Though it is cheap, it would have no chance in Switzerland. Because it has no airbag. Required by law.

But I hear, they will bring a European model, which will fullfil our requirements. But then still, it would have much chance because of the competion with the Renault Logan and the Dacia. Good, cheap cars manufactured in Romania.

Baron's Life said...

They are going to lose money on it for sure...no way they can compete in Europe or America.
But I think, none the less...They did a good job for a go cart