Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's in a name you ask...?

My good “cyber-space” friend, Mr. Motorcycle, inspired me to do some research on what's in a name as he calls it in his article/post.

You'd be surprised to see the kind of names I found for some websites...!!! All these are legitimate companies that obviously did not spend enough time to consider how their company name (URL) might appear on line...!

These are not made up. Check them out yourself.....

1- “ Who Represents” is where you can find the name of an agent that represents any celebrity.....their web site is:


2- You looking for a great pen? Look no further...you came to the right place. “Pen Island” and their web site is:


3- You're stressed out and need a therapist? Try “Therapist Finder” at:


4- Then there is the “ Italian Power Generator” Company...look them up at:


and my all time favorite....is

5- The designers at 'Speed of Art' await you at their wacky web site



mrs rc said...

Those are too funny! Reminds me of some of the names of students I've taught...like "Shuh-theed" (spelled "Shithead")!

fasthair said...

Mr. Baron: Very funny! I LOL at each of them.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Good post. Thanks for the nod. I'll have to pass this on, via e-mail to some people I know who don't blog. These are funny!

Earl Thomas said...

The last one sounds kind of messy.

Stacy said...

An oldie-but-goodie is


who tried to fix things by transitioning to


but it's still amusing. (It's a computer programming help site.)

Peter (Worldman): said...

It is funny things like this that make us go on, have a little joy for the day and make us forget about "nasty" things.

Lance said...

Baron, this was one of the funniest posts I've read in along time! Keep 'em coming!

Now, I've got to go online to buy a new pen...

B.B. said...

LOL! People really need to pay more attention when putting stuff together.

Lady Ridesalot said...

These are really funny! Maybe it helps them drum up more business!

Baron's Life said...

Thank you all... It really started after I read the article from Mr. Motorcycle and it got me thinking...you know what...there must be some wacky stuff out there and it didn't take long to find.

Z said...

I've seen these before, but they never cease to make me guffaw! Thanks for the laughs.

Baron's Life said...

Z... my sentiments exactly. Thanks for the visit