Monday, March 23, 2009

SVEN & Ole

Sven was out shopping in the mall when he met his friend Ole outside the Jewelry Store.

Ole noticed that Sven had a small gift-wrapped box in his hand.

Vhat have you just purchased Sven?" Ole asks.

Vell, now that you've asked," replies Sven, "It's my Lena's birthdaytomorrow And vhen I asked
her this morning vhat she vanted for her birthday, Lena said, “Oh, I dun know, dear, yust give me something with vots of diamonds.

"So vhat did you get her?" Ole asks.Sven smirks and says, "I bought her a deck of cards."


Anonymous said...

OMG what a cheap skate, it took me a while to understand the joke but then I did

A Lady's Life said...

well she might win and then she'll get her diamonds.
He bought her luck.
Always look at the bright side. lol

Voegtli said...

And Sven is a great guy because Lean got a lot of diamonds. Royal ones. with a king and a queen.

Baron's Life said...

Thanks for the visit...hope you stop by again.

A Lady's Life...always the optimist.

Peter..Well said...never thought of it that way...your wonderful imagination never ceases to surprise me.

bikerted said...

He will have plenty of spades to dig himself a hole to hide in as he may need it, to save from being battered with the clubs.

ps still need your address Baron so I can send your parcel off. Just email from my profile page. Cheers, Ted.

Baron's Life said...

Bikerted....hahahaha Funny...!
Will do...I've been busy with my Mom due her illness. but will send the address tonight... Many thanks and have lots of fun